Quality control is our prime focus. To retain and expand our client base, we are very aware that services must be delivered to a high standard. All work undertaken by CAS Contract Cleaning is monitored by a member of our supervisory/ management team.

Within our communal stair cleaning programme we operate an in house quality control system. In addition to our supervisory inspection of the properties, our Quality Control Manager then selects 30/40 properties per month and carries out a short questionnaire with the tenants.

All survey sheets are logged and can be made available to our clients. Any negative comments that are received are rectified promptly. The property and tenant are then revisited to ensure that the issues raised have been dealt with effectively.

We aim to maintain a satisfaction level of 95% or above.

Quality Policy

It is the company's strategy to prosper in the business of common close, office cleaning and related environmental services whilst striving to exceed our customer expectations. To achieve this, we have determined specific Quality Objectives that are set out in our Quality Management System and are based on a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Orientated) framework.

In pursuit of this strategy, it is our policy to manage all aspects of our business diligently and to adhere to all procedure and working practices relating to quality which meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Company is also committed to satisfying all applicable legislative requirements as well as adopting a continual improvement process for the Quality Management System.

The company will ensure by means of effective communication with its employees that this policy is fully understood, and through appropriate training and supervision that it is implemented throughout all areas of its operations.